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The Shelf is currently being coached by XLR8 to get their venture on the road. Die-hard tech entrepreneurs, learning the ropes of doing start-up business.

Being die-hard techies, with a keen desire of starting our own venture, we are well aware of our lack of experience in the business department. The journey that XLR8 takes us on already yielded a slew of new insights.

During targeted workshops, tailored to our needs and level of expertise (ever growing), we gradually take baby-step after baby-step on our way to position our venture in the market. Identifying personas, contacting initial potential customers, practicing, optimising and validating our pitch, whilst frequently tweaking our pitch deck.

We collaborate, through personal coaching, on the different milestones we've set ourselves. The years of experience and broad knowledge that XLR8 shares with us time and again proves to be an added value in achieving our goals.

The passion and focused no-nonsense approach of the XLR8 team really resonates with our own style and gives us the necessary push to realise our goals.

Our journey is far from complete, but we do feel emboldened and confident that we will eventually get there!

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