Steven Heyninck

Venture Architect & Innovation Lead Cronos

Being able to contribute to starting or growing the technological brainchild of young entrepreneurs is what makes me tick. It is my passion to push the boundaries of innovation and disruption in the field of digital transformation and then get to work with young entrepreneurs. Helping dynamic entrepreneurial talents , both in defining a viable business proposition as well in starting their own Cronos Group company in which an innovative idea grows into a successful venture with a strong DNA, a solid business plan, first customers and proud committed employees.

Who am I?

Bold tech enthusiast, straight-talker & bald inspirator, entrepreneur and the guy to talk to when you need someone to hear you out on an idea, plans or whenever you are in need of some inspiration or mentorship.

Always willing to help out if I can.

Working for Companies

XLR8 - Acceleration, Tailor Made

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We are here for entrepreneurs in the technology sector. Do you have an entrepreneurial idea and do you need a sounding board? Are you looking for a sparring partner to take the next steps in scaling your business? We support both service and product companies.
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