Christophe Cop

Currently focussing on Solid & knowledge graphs with Konsolidate.

Currently focussing on Solid & knowledge graphs with Konsolidate.

As a master in neuro-behavioural sciences and in statistics, I'm deeply interested in how we perceive reality, both as an individual (subjective) as from a scientific (objective or inter-subjective) point of view.

If I would worship a god, it would be Athens, the Goddess of knowledge. I uphold truth (and the ways to obtain it) high in my banner, even if I know I might be wrong.Founder TEDxFlanders.

Other aspects of my life include - "I was a Belgian boy scout & leader" - "I love Japan, anime, culture, language, music, food".... Oh, I'm a dreamer and a skeptic, a rational optimist and a child of renaissance * surrealism.

If that doesn't make sense to you... we should have a conversation! Nice to meet you!

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